penis enlargement women discuss size

Many women say that size doesn’t matter. As far as I can see it does- and those women who say it doesn’t are lying to protect their partners- or are just plain stupid! I talk to three women who give their opinions:

penis enlargement pills

You have surely heard of penis enlargement pills…
They are on the radio and the TV all the time and they are becoming more and more popular. Every day a new penis enlargement "wonder pill" pops up. The question I asked when they first came onto the market was, do these pills really work? The answer is YES and NO. Some of the penis enlargement pills on the market are of extremely high quality and some are even developed in FDA approved laboratories. These types of pills really do work and you can see dramatic and amazing gains. Read cerefully before you decide wich pills to buy and use, and remember your health is at first place, lenght and girth gaining is at second place. My review will surelly help you to decide and find out the truth.

penis enlargement implants

Some men with chronic impotence consider having a penile implant. These implants are also known as penile prostheses.

penis enlargement surgery

Surgical penile augmentation (enlargement) has a long and checkered history that actually dates to 1893. Over the intervening century, the techniques have become more sophisticated but can still be broken down into two basic approaches.
To make the penis "longer," a surgeon severs or moves the suspensory ligament, which holds the penis to the pubic bone. I put "longer" in quotes because this doesn’t actually lengthen the penis; it just allows part of what’s normally inside the abdomen to be moved outside. But I suppose seeing more penis is, in effect, having more.

To add girth to the penis, the surgeon extracts fat from the groin area and adds it to the penis either by aspirating it with a syringe and injecting it into the penis, or by removing a layer of skin and fat from the groin area and attaching it in place of the normal skin of the penis.
Of the two options, injection is easier but not very effective. Most of the fat cells don’t survive, and the layer drops to a fraction of its initial thickness over a few months. It may also produce a lumpy appearance and commonly produces scar tissue. Grafting may produce a more esthetically pleasing effect when done by a skilled surgeon, but sensation (nerves) may suffer. It’s also a considerably more involved surgical procedure.

the penis dialogues

When educator and columnist Gabriel Constans saw the play The Vagina Monologues he realized the value of a similar investigation into men’s feelings about their penis and its influence on them. He sought out men of various ages, occupations and sexual orientations and asked them to relate their experiences on a range of subjects to do with sex, love, relationships, and of course, their genitalia. The end result is a book – The Penis Dialogues – that takes a refreshingly honest look at men’s feelings about sexuality, gender and the experience of being a man. Topics include masturbation, abuse, circumcision, relationships, cultural conditioning and what women think of the male appendage.

penis enlargement pumps

Pumps as a penis enlargement method have been around for a long time and have even shown to be successful for some users. However when speaking about using penis pumps, you have to consider the issue of safety which is a huge concern when using such products.

penis enlargement weights

The penis is not a muscle; you cannot build it up through exercise, however it certainly can be stretched.

interesting articles

The Penis Dialogues
Men from all walks of life have contributed to a new book which lays bare men’s feelings and attitudes about their sexuality, gender and experiences of being male…

orgasm problems

Around 1 in 2000 births result in intersex conditions – abnormal development of the reproductive system – which is often characterised by ambiguous genitalia in infancy and early childhood. For infants with intersex conditions and ambiguous genitalia being raised female (a conventional approach in western countries), clitoral surgery is often undertaken in early childhood to remove any incongruent gonadal tissue and to feminise the appearance of the genitalia-usually through the removal of parts of the clitoris or phallus to reduce its size. This surgery is done because it is thought to result in better psychological outcomes for the child than leaving the genitalia unaltered.

chemical in soy

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health report that male rats whose mothers were fed diets containing genistein, a chemical found in soybeans, developed abnormal reproductive organs and experienced sexual dysfunction as adults.