patent granted for penis enlargement procedure

Dr Colin Moore of the Australian Cosmetic Surgery Centre has been awarded a patent from the Australian Patent Office for a penis enlargement procedure he has been developing over the past thirty years.

Dr Moore estimates he has performed over two-thousand penis enlargement operations since he first began using procedures to increase both the length and girth of the penis in 1967. Typically, such surgery was used to treat the condition known as micropenis, characterised in infants by abnormally small genitalia. He has performed genital reconstruction (penis enlargement) for the micropenis condition in Australia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dr Moore said the idea to patent the penis enlargement procedure came about over dinner with a friend who worked in the legal profession. "I was a little frustrated that other surgeons would observe the penis enlargement procedures I carried out and then copy them. I felt that I had invested so much time in perfecting these procedures that I wanted to protect them. A friend of mine, a lawyer, suggested the patent process as a way of protecting the penis enlargement procedures I had refined. From there, it took about a year or so for the patent to be granted."

Whilst various patents for cosmetic surgery procedures already exist, Dr Moore believes this is the first time that a patent has been granted for a penis enlargement procedure. Dr Moore is now looking to secure a medical licensing agreement so he can formalise training arrangements with other cosmetic surgeons and capitalize on the knowledge he has gained over many years. "With this sort of training, other surgeons will be able to quickly reach the skill level in penis enlargement it has taken me thirty years to obtain," said Moore.

Dr Moore said demand for penis enlargement was growing very rapidly. "Back in 1990, we would perform a handful of these operations in a year. Now, we are performing over two-hundred penis enlargement procedures a year. Originally it was just to treat the micropenis condition, but now, men with what would be called a normal sized penis want to get bigger."