penis enlargement implants

Some men with chronic impotence consider having a penile implant. These implants are also known as penile prostheses.

Most cases of impotence stem from physiologic causes that alter the blood flow through the penis. Often this is due to nerve or blood vessel damage from diabetes, atherosclerosis, pelvic surgery, prostate surgery, alcohol, or medications. Other causes are mainly psychological, although psychological distress may be a result of impotence.

Penile prostheses are one form of treatment for erectile dysfunction. They are implanted directly into the paired corporal bodies in the penis.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor
What is the cause of erectile dysfunction (impotence)?

What other treatments are available for erectile dysfunction?

Which type of implant do you recommend?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable and non-inflatable implants?

How will the implant be inserted?

What are the possible complications?

How long will the implant last?