penis enlargement surgery

Surgical penile augmentation (enlargement) has a long and checkered history that actually dates to 1893. Over the intervening century, the techniques have become more sophisticated but can still be broken down into two basic approaches.
To make the penis "longer," a surgeon severs or moves the suspensory ligament, which holds the penis to the pubic bone. I put "longer" in quotes because this doesn’t actually lengthen the penis; it just allows part of what’s normally inside the abdomen to be moved outside. But I suppose seeing more penis is, in effect, having more.

To add girth to the penis, the surgeon extracts fat from the groin area and adds it to the penis either by aspirating it with a syringe and injecting it into the penis, or by removing a layer of skin and fat from the groin area and attaching it in place of the normal skin of the penis.
Of the two options, injection is easier but not very effective. Most of the fat cells don’t survive, and the layer drops to a fraction of its initial thickness over a few months. It may also produce a lumpy appearance and commonly produces scar tissue. Grafting may produce a more esthetically pleasing effect when done by a skilled surgeon, but sensation (nerves) may suffer. It’s also a considerably more involved surgical procedure.

In fact, none of these surgeries are trivial. Infection is always a risk, and both a urologist and a cosmetic surgeon may be required to produce a result without ugly scars. Expect to pay $7,000 to $12,000, depending on how extensive the work is and what the market will bear.

There is precious little solid information on how satisfied men are with their augmentation surgeries. Information from surgeons obviously tends to be positive. But one study of 51 men reported in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality was not encouraging. Among those who had lengthening surgery, 69% were disappointed with the results. About half of the respondents who had sought increases in girth were satisfied. Most telling, perhaps, was that more than three-quarters were unhappy about how the finished result looked.

CONCLUSION: Unless you are incredibly desperate, this method is insane to try! It is just not worth it.